Start tracking your marketing ROI

Let Altrucoin create a referral system for your project to help spread the word about your token and gain insight on marketing strategies.

Influencer ROI Insight

One of the most frustrating parts of marketing for a project is trying to understand which influencers can actually deliver on what they promise.

With the Altrucoin referral system, each person gets a unique referral code, allowing you to see exactly how effective that marketing strategy was.

A search bar filled in with a cryptocurrency wallet, and text below reading "Referrer exists: Yes", "Users Referred: 6.0", "Referral Purchases (BNB): 1.27", "Unclaimed Rewards: 1.63", "Lifetime Rewards: 4.5", showing the different aspects of the administrator panel of the Altrucoin referral system

Save Marketing Money

Because of the unique referral code, influencers can now get paid per user purchase.

Each time somebody buys, the influencer gets a small portion, incentivizing them to sell more. Since they are getting a commission on each sale, the upfront rate can be lower, saving your project money.

Community Engagement

Communities already like shilling for tokens they own! With the Referral System, not only does the value of their tokens increase, but the number of tokens does as well.

With this system, project owners can also see who was the most active and who did the best job promoting and shilling.

Ready to make a referral system?