Even If You Don't Need a Vault, You Can Still Earn Thousands

By referring token projects to create an Altrucoin vault, your project can share some of the income generated by our vaults, creating additional income streams for your project.

It's easy to join the affiliate program!

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Contact us to let us know you would like to join the affiliate program, and we will start the process with you.

Start Referring Vaults

Advocate the vault product to other token projects and have them include you as their referrer in the create a vault process.

Earn Rewards

Get sent your referral rewards with the details outlined below once your referred client has created a vault.

Larger Referrals = Larger Rewards

Partner Level Requirements % of Platform Fee
Between $0 - $1M TVL added
10% from the first 30 days
Between $1M - 5M TVL added
15% from the first 30 days
More than $5M TVL added
20% from the first 30 days

Here’s an example of a single referral
using one of our existing vaults:


Create an additional revenue stream for your project!

By joining our affiliate project, you can earn some additional income for your project by simply referring projects to our vault platform.

Security as a priority

Every staking vault comes with a host of security features to give you and your users peace of mind.

  • Certik Audit
  • Emergency Deposit Freeze
  • Vault Setting Access Restrictions

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