Staking vaults as special as your token holders

With customizable staking vaults, you can create the staking system that works best  for your token project and its holders.

Add a use case to your token

Staking vaults offer a way for your holders to use your token and earn passive rewards at the same time. Altrucoin integrates the most modern and innovative technology to give your token the best staking system in the crypto market.

All the basics and more

Custom vaults offer all the basics you expect from an Altrucoin staking vault, including:

  • Single Token and Dual Token rewards
  • LP vaults
  • Time Based distribution and Activity Based distribution
  • Time Based token locking

Visit our staking overview page to see more features

Even more features to customize!

Every token has different staking vault needs. With a custom Altrucoin staking vault, you get all of the features with regular Altrucoin vaults as well as more options to make your project stand out and make administration even easier. 

Admin Fee

Choose to automatically send a portion of the profits to your admin team as an additional revenue source.

Full White Labeling

Our custom vaults can be fully white-labeled, hosted, and placed on your company's website.

Custom Charity Wallet

Choose to send a portion of staking profits directly to your team's charity wallet.

Support every step of the way

When creating a custom vault, you also have access to our support and development team to anwer any questions you might have.

Make it easy.

Reduced Transaction Fees

Custom vaults get reduced transaction fees, so users keep even more of the profits made while in the vault.

Additional Support

Custom vaults have access to our support team, working with the development team to answer any questions you might have.

Ready to build your vault?

Create a Custom Vault

Ready to take your project to the next level? Our team will work with you hand-in-hand to get your token staking vault launched and let your users start locking their tokens and earning rewards!

Full Custom Development

Looking for even more options? Our team is ready to build exactly what you’re looking for, from vesting vaults to whale vaults. Not sure what you need? Our experts can guide you through the process. 

Ready to Create a Custom Vault?

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