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Create a free vault without any development work

Rewarding your holders should be easy. With the Decentralized Onboarding process, you can have a staking vault for your token running in under 5 minutes. 

Staking in 3 Simple Steps

Provide Token Info

Enter some basic information about your token to start the vault creation process.

Vault Settings

Choose your vault’s token structure and rewards distribution settings.

Launch Your Vault

Exclude the necessary contract addressess and provide any token funds to complete your vault.

All the essentials,
none of the hassle

With Decentralized Onboarding, you can create a vault with all the staking essentials such as time-locking bonuses, dual and reflection token rewards, an admin panel, early withdraw fees, and more!

Multiple Price Structures

Platform Fee

0$ Upfront + 1% Platform Fee Or Less


Starting at $500/mo

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